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Canada Legalises Weed — Market High Wears Off

At midnight on Wednesday, a marijuana dispensary in Newfoundland, Canada sold the nation’s first gram of legal recreational cannabis.

The Coca-Colas of the Cannabis World

We’re already seeing some of the world’s biggest cannabis stocks rocket higher in price. These Canadian giants are preparing themselves to be the Coca-Colas of the cannabis world.

The Pot Game Is Just Getting Started

A lot of Canadians are ready for legalisation of recreational pot. They expect the industry to be worth several billion dollars. That’s nice. But it’s small potatoes. The real prize is in the US.

Opportunity Ahead: New Zealand’s Pot Market Takes Off

When legalisation sweeps a nation, early adopters tapping into the initial surge may find themselves walking away with massive returns.

A Kiwi Cannabis Jackpot

I believe the greatest value of cannabis is for investors.You see, whether you like it or not, the pot industry is exploding.