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Faster, Stronger, Richer — The Best Investments for 2019

The strategy I apply to the portfolios I manage starts from the top and works down. The country and its case. The industry and its outlook. The profitability of businesses in that sector.

The Trade War Stock That’s Surging

Trump is perhaps right pulling up China on years of predatory trade practices. Yet one area where things could unhinge comes in the form of China’s threat to curtail rare-earth exports.

Living at Sea? The Retirement Option That’s Making Waves

I recently came across André Sidler and co-founder Avril Hanna through my network. We caught up for coffee to discuss an extraordinary opportunity.

Nikolai Tesla and Crimes Against Humanity

I’ve been looking around for the next ‘big’ investment opportunity. Which is pretty hard when most developed markets are at all-time or multi year highs.

Take Advantage of Opportunities Here and Overseas

Should you invest in India? This is was the topic at my desk last week. A colleague of mine thought it was a capital idea. And I thought, why not? Successful investing usually works everywhere. So why wouldn’t it work in India? This

Will Lightning Strike Twice on the ASX 200?

The financial year drew to a close at the end of June. The ASX 200 increased 8.6% over the year. Add on around 4% in dividends, and you get a very decent return of 12.6%. Want to beat the market

How does Warren Buffett Read the Market?

For Warren Buffett, selling is usually something he doesn’t think about. Sure, he’ll sell if it turns out he was wrong about a business. He might even sell for an extremely inflated price. The latter is far rarer. But other

Buy a Stock for Personality, Not Looks

Of course looks matter. An attractive woman or man is irresistible at first. Anything and everything they say is interesting. And the fact that so many other people think so too, makes them that much more attractive. I’m sure you