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Is a Robot Coming to Steal Your Job?

Are we facing a dystopian future filled with job losses and robotic automation? Here’s what you can do right now to overcome the challenges ahead.

Why You Should Never Trust an Economist

Most economists work in the upper echelons of government, academia, or big corporate…and we have developed a certain job security by convincing folks that economics is a science. It isn’t.

Are Robots Sabotaging Your Job Hunt?

Looking for a job? Know someone who is? If so, you’re probably familiar with the tortuous application process that modern jobseekers endure.

How to Succeed in the Reversal of Globalisation

Process driven and highly repetitive jobs could disappear in your life time. It won’t all happen overnight. But in time, automation and robotics will take over a lot of these jobs.

The Future Is Here: Why the Next Industrial Revolution Could Begin in Wellington

The looming Fourth Industrial Revolution stands to come to fruition mere months from now. And what it will do will be truly remarkable.

Why the Japanese Love the Robots in Tauranga

Yamaha, big-time Japanese manufacturer, has just bought $12 million worth of shares in a tiny Tauranga-based start-up called Robotics Plus.

How the Robotic Dead Hand Is Ruining Your Money

In the financial world, we’ve seen robots gain a serious foothold. We call these ‘quant-based trading systems’. But there’s a problem.

$1 Trillion: Has Amazon’s Plan this Time Gone Too Far?

Amazon briefly surpassed the $1 trillion ceiling this week to become the second company ever to do so. $1 trillion! What a time to be alive.

Meet the Typist-3000

Do you think that robots threaten your future? You’re not alone. According to Pew Research, over 70% of Americans share your view.