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Why the Province Resources [ASX:PRL] Share Price Is Up 1,600% This Year

Does hydrogen represent a clean-energy opportunity for the future? Here’s why Province Resources is making a big speculative bet.

Shareholders Get Mugged by Texan Short Seller

Short sellers sell stock in a company they don’t own. It’s called selling short.

We Answer Your Money Questions

If you want to make money — whatever route you choose — the road to profit is paved with both opportunity and crisis.

Blustery Markets Coming — How to Invest

The world is a dynamic place. The US versus China trade war is unresolved. You can see the markets buck and kick with every fresh update.

No One Ever Got Fired for Following the Herd…

It goes without saying, investors should be buying quality. Surely, we should be trying to buy good businesses all the time? But there’s a problem.

Why You Should Buy Local Shares…

A local strategy is usually one that dominates over time. And as we move to a localised world, I think these locally dominant companies are the ones that will benefit.

Bargains on Offer as the Market Stumbles

Buying is back on the menu. In fact, investors haven’t been this giddy since the volatility shock in February earlier this year.

Where Will The Aussie Market Go Next?

The odds suggest the bull market is probably ending in the US. And that means the Aussie market will struggle too.

Could This Be the Start To A Bear Market for the ASX?

The ASX 200 shed another 60-odd points on Tuesday, or 1% of its value. Is this another sign of global growth peaking? Probably.

Why You Should Invest in Aussie Retailers

China has a massive pool of consumers, willing to pay up for quality international brands. But it’s not the only opportunity for Aussie retailers.

What to Look For When Searching for Winning Stocks on the ASX

Today, I’m going to show you how to use your time effectively to try and find some of the very best stocks on the ASX.

The Problem with Australian Politics

I don’t mind talking about politics. Taxes, immigration and new legislation affects everyone. But there are so many problems with Aussie politics.

The Key to Investing? Watching Paint Dry

If investing is stressful and exciting, you’re probably doing it wrong. Let me rephrase that. Learning about new businesses and technologies is extremely interesting. It’s one of the main reasons I love my job. But the act of investing should