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Harje Ronngard is one of the editors at Money Morning New Zealand. With an academic background in finance and investments, Harje knows how difficult investing is. He has worked with a range of assets classes, from futures to equities. But he’s found his niche in equity valuation. There are two questions Harje likes to ask of any investment. What is it worth? And how much does it cost? These two questions alone open up a world of investment opportunities which Harje shares with Money Morning New Zealand readers.

Forget 5G. Trump Demands 6G for the US

Over in the US, Trump has made this a big topic. He’s pushing US telecommunication firms to roll out 5G as soon as possible. Trump is even talking about 6G already.

No One Ever Got Fired for Following the Herd…

It goes without saying, investors should be buying quality. Surely, we should be trying to buy good businesses all the time? But there’s a problem.

Why Investing in Uber Is a Bad Idea

This is nothing short of mind-boggling. Sales continue to climb, yet Uber continues to post losses. Why? Clearly, the company is dropping prices to maintain their market share. Here’s why this strategy isn’t sustainable…

Why Intellectuals and Interest Rates Don’t Matter

No crowed cities. No family quibbles. No money. No private ownership. And here’s the best part, we put all the smart people in charge. This is the utopia Thomas More describes in his book.

Even the Simplest of Ideas Can Lead to Profits

Even simple ideas can lead to profits. This is not a game where the highest IQ wins. This is a game where emotional stability and rational thinking rules.

Globalisation is Dying and Trump Isn’t to Blame

On the one hand, American consumers benefit from cheap Chinese imports. On the other hand, this put a whole lot of US dollars in the hands of Chinese.

Chinese President Admits He’s Scared of a Black Swan Event

It might be years, maybe even decades, before we see another black swan. That’s what China’s hoping for at least…

The Wrong Moves to Make in a Trade War

What happens when one country gets jealous of another country’s advantage? What happens when China wants to be India and Australia wants to be Japan?

Why the Future of Netflix Looks as Grim as Japan’s

Japan needs to make some structural changes. If they don’t they’ll be left severely disappointed, much like the investors buying Netflix today.

She’s Not Serious…Is She?

One smart cookie believes we should keep interest rates at zero. But how can we do that and not have crippling runaway inflation?

How the Future of Tech Will Reverse Globalisation

I’m not a technology nihilist. I don’t believe technology will rise up against us and thwart the human race. But tech of all shapes and sizes is pushing a lot of us out of jobs.

How to Succeed in the Reversal of Globalisation

Process driven and highly repetitive jobs could disappear in your life time. It won’t all happen overnight. But in time, automation and robotics will take over a lot of these jobs.

Why You Should Buy Local Shares…

A local strategy is usually one that dominates over time. And as we move to a localised world, I think these locally dominant companies are the ones that will benefit.

The Art of (Trade) War

I don’t think Trump is up late at night reading Sun Tzu’s play book. But he’s fairing pretty well at trade warfare.

Why Trump’s Tariffs Won’t Work

This whole trade war is pointless. The US is fighting a losing battle and China is fighting an unwinnable battle. Let me explain why…