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Year of the Pig — Your Year to Make Money?

Today we start a new Lunar Year — the Year of the Pig. They say 2019 is a good year to make money and to invest, because the pig attracts success.

Even the Simplest of Ideas Can Lead to Profits

Even simple ideas can lead to profits. This is not a game where the highest IQ wins. This is a game where emotional stability and rational thinking rules.

Globalisation is Dying and Trump Isn’t to Blame

On the one hand, American consumers benefit from cheap Chinese imports. On the other hand, this put a whole lot of US dollars in the hands of Chinese.

How a Hyper-Flat World Could Transform the Global Economy

The world has flattened even further. It means that we’re at another turning point in the world of international business. And it’s going to have significant impacts on your life and your investments.

Why Brexit Can’t Come Fast Enough for Kiwis

The UK has nominated New Zealand as one of their priority partners when it comes time to negotiate a new deal. In terms of trade, this is all good news.

Part III: The Belt & Road Initiative

There isn’t an emperor in China any more…there’s President Xi Jinping. And he’s going to attempt to outdo what his ancestors achieved. A modern Silk Road.

Part II: Byzantines, Mongols and the Black Plague

After 1,400 years of prosperity, wars and conquest, the Silk Road met its demise. Rats and fleas.

Part I: The Ancient Silk Road

Chinese President Xi Jinping is resurrecting the Silk Road as we speak. It will transform what you buy, who you buy from and who you sell to.

Britain’s New Deal — And How New Zealand Could Milk It

As Old Blighty leaves the nest, it’s free to renegotiate with partners like New Zealand…and the numbers aren’t insignificant.