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When Interest Rates Stop Working

A waning Japan. Overvalued tech. Tesla’s decade-long history of losses. All of this is only possible because of irresponsible money creation.

How You Could Beat the Market Timers in 2019

For the longest time, tech has had a dream run. Valuations soared. The private start-up scene rose to new heights. But all that could come to an end.

Why You Should Look Overseas for Tech Opportunities

Today I wanted to discuss why jumping into technology stocks now, could be a great decision. Of course, you’ll have to pick the right ones. Let’s get into it…

Can You Tell Fact from Fiction?

Brazilians went to the polls yesterday. And, it’s a fact that fake news has been rife throughout the election, mainly distributed through WhatsApp.

Stocks in Crisis — What It Means for Kiwi Investors

At the point of writing, the NZX 50 is down about 7.5% off its 1 October high. It’s following a plunge that originated on the American markets. The worst of it hit stocks in the energy, insurance, and tech sectors.

Apple’s Billion-Dollar Magic Trick

Apple Inc [NASDAQ:AAPL]: the trillion dollar company. Did you know most of Apple’s value comes from what you can’t see?

Why Jack Ma is Giving Up His Multi-Billion Dollar Empire

Not many people regret building a multi-billion-dollar company. Jack Ma said he would rather go back to his teaching days, where he was earning US$13.26 a month.

How Much Is Trust Worth in a Company?

What should you look for in tech stocks? Should you look at revenue growth? Profitability? Maybe looking at the addressable market is a good idea?

Why Amazon is an Investor’s Dream

I like to romanticise great businesses. And Amazon.com, Inc. [NASDAQ:AMZN] has definitely been one of those over the years. Who would have thought Amazon, an online book store, would be what it is today.

The FAANGs Will Crash

Right now, the media is buzzing with the dramatic fall of Facebook’s stock value. But this is just a symptom of a much larger problem.

Hey Facebook, China’s Coming for You!

You don’t really hear too much about the likes of Alibaba or Tencent. They are two of the world’s most powerful tech companies that no one really knows about.

Silicon Valley of the South Seas

The Hawaiki cable is an exhilarating new development. It’s set to turbocharge New Zealand’s tech industry and give them more access to global markets.

The Best Companies Aren’t Always Western

Uber is surely one of the most successful start-ups of their era. Launching as ‘Uber’ in 2010, they’ve quickly spread to every corner of the earth. Take a look at this 2016 graph of ride hailing companies around the world.

How to Find the Next Amazon

I’ve always had the view that investing isn’t complicated. You don’t have to have a PhD or an IQ above 160. You don’t need to know about the capital asset pricing model. And you’re better off not knowing things like