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Why America Hasn’t Had a Raise in Forty Years

Believe it or not, the wage of the average American has risen by only 13 cents an hour annually since the beginning of this century. Here’s why.

Are Interest Rates Evil?

What do strongman leaders like Recep Erdoğan and Donald Trump have in common? Well, they love low interest rates. But how low is too low?

How ‘Devilish Theories’ Return to America

There is some $115 trillion in excess debt in the world — above and beyond what can be comfortably supported by the real economy. What’s the risk of this?

How $9 Trillion Disappears

It’s a mind-boggling number: $9 trillion. That’s how much the United States is in debt right now. How did we get here? And what’s going to happen next?

Trump’s Farm Bailout Is Win-Lose

American farmers are hurting from the trade war. Donald Trump’s solution is a bailout. But it will only add to America’s mountain of debt.

Britain’s New Deal — And How New Zealand Could Milk It

As Old Blighty leaves the nest, it’s free to renegotiate with partners like New Zealand…and the numbers aren’t insignificant.

Why We Defended Trump in London

Our patriotic glands were oozing as Trump stoked the outrage of the British people. But what was really happening behind the scenes?

The Market Gods Are Laughing

Donald Trump is escalating the trade war against China. He thinks he’s winning, but what he’s really doing is pushing us all to the brink.

Rather than Focus on Trade Talks, Look at These Opportunities

The trade war is on…no wait, it’s off. Can China and the US please make up their minds? On Tuesday, Donald Trump said he would tax US$50 billion worth of Chinese imports. He also plans to restrict Chinese investments into

Don’t Bet on a Major Shock Just Yet

We don’t turn the other cheek when someone hits us. ‘In our culture, we punch back,’ China’s president, Xi Jinping said. No way is China going to back down to America. They consider themselves the centre of the world, the

The American Tax Spree Hitting China and Amazon

Jeff Bezos has to be one of the great entrepreneurs of our time. Before he created an online store for everything, Jeff cut his teeth on Wall Street. He found himself at D.E. Shaw, a bond trader that used borrowed