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Obama’s Film Sheds New Light on Trade War

Obama releases a documentary called American factory. A Chinese billionaire opens a new Fuyao glass factory in an old General Motors plant in Dayton, Ohio.

Here’s What Uber Is Really Worth

Three times, the Dow has tried to beat its October 2018 high of 2,680. And three times, it has failed. This ‘triple top’ formation is a bad sign.

Hedge Funds No Longer on Trump’s Side

China wants a deal, Trump can smell it! It’s why they’re printing yuan in the billions and pushing it out into the system.

Should Alabama Impose Tariffs on California?

Banning trade didn’t work for North Korea. Instead, it created a Hell on Earth. But how about the US? Would it create an Eden here?

Washington’s War on Tomatoes

The stock market was rattled after Donald Trump threatened to raise tariffs on Chinese goods.The Chinese replied with silly threats of their own.

The Implications of a Chinese Collapse

Bass says China has a whole lot of debt, is chock-full of bad loans. And with fewer American dollars reaching Chinese shores, the Chinese central bank has less firepower to prevent things from getting ugly.

No One Ever Got Fired for Following the Herd…

It goes without saying, investors should be buying quality. Surely, we should be trying to buy good businesses all the time? But there’s a problem.

Why Trump’s Tariffs Won’t Work

This whole trade war is pointless. The US is fighting a losing battle and China is fighting an unwinnable battle. Let me explain why…

Now the Trade War’s Fake, Too

The show went on! And, as we predicted, The Donald claimed victory…and stocks went up. Fake money. Fake interest rates. Fake employment. Fake boom.

Trump Will Claim Victory

This is the big day. The music starts. The lights go on. And the curtain rises. Trump meets with China’s leader and decide the fate of the world economy.

Trump’s War on General Motors

The stock market continued with a modest bounce yesterday…but America’s automotive giant, General Motors, sank into the mud. The proximate cause was a tweet by President T, who threatened to remove federal subsidies to GM’s electric cars. This from Bloomberg:

The Real Winner of Trump’s New Trade Deal

Donald Trump has claimed victory in negotiating a new NAFTA deal. But, frankly, it’s more hot air than substance at this point.

America’s Economy Is on a ‘Suicide Mission’

The US government is the largest player in the financial markets. It is the biggest spender. So when it acts irresponsibly, the consequences can be dire.

Will New Tariffs Spell Trouble for the Recycling Industry?

New tariffs will make it more expensive for China to import waste material from the US to recycle. Yet this comes at a time when the recycling industry is already in trouble.

Is It Really Made in America?

There is nothing the average American loves more than the idea of making cars in America. It’s seductive. But under the hood, we see a different story.