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The Retiree Who Turned $8,150 Into $22 Million

Are you missing out by investing only in index funds? Here are three big reasons why you should consider direct share ownership.

Lessons from a Wealthy Gardener

If you’re looking for greater wealth, you have to be willing to solve bigger problems. Here’s what we can learn from John Soforic’s journey.

Overweight Upside: The Key to Wealth

Building long-term wealth is about taking calculated risks and pouncing on opportunity. Here’s how the smartest investors do it.

How the Rich Just Grew Their Wealth 650%

Are you losing money by playing it too safe? Here’s why smart, courageous investors have the upper hand over the long run.

Why We’re Raising Our ‘Crash Alert’ Flag

So far, the big, fat, ugly Dow has sat on the wall and refused to tumble. But last week, Donald J Trump gave it a shove.

Faster, Stronger, Richer — The Best Investments for 2019

The strategy I apply to the portfolios I manage starts from the top and works down. The country and its case. The industry and its outlook. The profitability of businesses in that sector.

The Simple Trick to Beat Every Other Investor in the Stock Market

Today, quant funds are some of the most popular in the hedge fund community. Yet only a handful have been truly successful.

Is Your Fear Leaving Millions on the Table?

While the market indexes were scathed in 2008–9, certain companies bucked the trend. Investors bought them at good value. They had nothing to fear from an ‘impending correction.’

Why I’m Investing in 33 Million Paying Customers

The number and reliability of customers remains an important test when it comes to investing in listed companies.

Why I’m Long Thiel, Short Buffett

While Buffett waits for a moat to be established before he invests, Peter Thiel invests based on the potential of a future moat.

Are You a Margin Hound? Here’s How to Sniff Out a Good Investment

When I’m looking at businesses today, I keep front of mind these lessons on margin. As an investor, I’ve come to hate low-margin businesses. And as an analyst, I’m a margin hound.

Why You Should Steer Clear of the Wall Street IPOs for Now

Harry Potter, Pokémon, Star Wars — 1999. A great time to be an eight-year-old. This was a busy year for Wall Street underwriters with the Wall Street IPOs.

The Financialisation of the American Economy

Over the last 10 years, for every stock bought — in net terms — by the public, the corporations themselves bought nearly 50 of them.

What Is Easter Really About?

When you start to look into it, the celebration of Easter is curious to say the least. The fact that the Easter date moves around, might tip you off to perhaps a deeper meaning.

Uber versus Gold…or Something Else?

Uber or gold, which do you pick? While I’m no gold bug, I wouldn’t blame you for picking the latter. It’s probably a better option than piling into a company going bust!