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Phil Twyford’s KiwiBuild Fails to Deliver

KiwiBuild has started to roll. What many believed would be the silver bullet to New Zealand’s housing crisis has been disappointing.

Don’t Blame Grandpa That You’re Poor

Heard of the ‘wealth gap’? It’s become a common buzzword in recent years, particularly here in New Zealand. You’ve probably heard it thrown around. I sure have…

Saving the Kiwi Dream: A Promising Change in the Housing Market

Forget bonds or letting fees…Forget appeasing your landlord…These guys want you to be a happy customer…and to stay with them for as long as possible.

Our $1 Billion Shadow Economy

Today, we unveil New Zealand’s $1 billion secret — a shadow economy running right under our noses. It’s got massive implications for taxpayers…and a twist that involves the RBNZ.

A Solution to Today’s Housing Crisis

Did you hear about the family in Papakura currently paying $520 per week to live in a swamp? Not a house surrounded by swamp; rather a house slowly sinking into the swamp water.

Homeowner Beware! New Zealand’s Achilles’ Heel Revealed…

The Auckland property market of the past was radically different from the one we have right now. But what does the future look like?

KiwiBuild: The Impossible Housing Solution

The much-anticipated KiwiBuild scheme has finally launched. Will this be the end-all cure to New Zealand’s housing crisis? I doubt it.

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Buying a Home Right Now

Home ownership. It’s always been part of the Kiwi dream. You work hard. Save up. Find a little place in the country to call your own. Sure it probably takes several years to save up enough for a down payment,