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Is the Noose Tightening on Kiwi Homeowners?

You never get the full story in the news. You read about Auckland property values easing off. A decline in confidence. Then you put your ear to the street.

The Reason Why I’m Investing in Fish

In New Zealand, we have one of the largest fishing zones in the world. 4.1 million square kilometres. And a low population base. This provides a competitive advantage.

Kiwi Homeowners: An Urgent Warning from the Bitcoin Bubble

With bitcoin, we believed it would go mainstream. An alternative to fiat currency that could hold its value like gold. This was an idealistic dream.

When Aussie Homeowners Sneeze, Kiwis Catch a Cold

In our offices or workplaces, everyone starts catching something. We dread the moment, but we know that we’ll inevitably get sick too. In housing, we’re seeing our peers starting to look a bit green.

The Auckland Monopoly Game: A Dangerous Path

As a kid, I loved playing Monopoly. You buy up as many properties as the dice allows, and then you put the other players out of the game by building houses and hotels and charging astronomical rents.

Ignore This House Buying Strategy at Your Own Peril

‘You can’t time the market. Buy now.’ This is downright one of the WORST, most DANGEROUS pieces of advice one could utter.

Is There a Better Way to Do Property?

Here in NZ, we lock people out of housing. We have the lowest rates of home ownership since just after the Second World War. And it’s starting to show.

All That Glitters: Why Gold Is Your Best Bet

If I asked you what gold is used for, you’d probably say jewellery, right? Well, you’d be half right. Gold has lots of other uses.

Your Property Nest Egg Could Splatter in 2019

With the denial from the mainstream, we’re beginning to see that the NZ housing market isn’t the way we think it is.

Are You in Danger When the Kiwi Property Time Bomb Explodes?

For the first time in a decade, the Auckland property market is bleeding red. You shouldn’t be surprised…we’ve been predicting this outcome for at least six months now..

A Shadow Deal: How to Buy a Home You Can’t Afford

With the new ‘shared ownership’ plan, folks can come in with whatever deposit they have…and can get basically whatever house they want…

Are You Breaking This Key Investing Rule? Most Kiwis Are…

It shocked me when I first heard that some New Zealanders do this. It goes against every rule of investing — don’t put all your eggs in one basket…

Bye-Bye, Letting Fees — A Win-Win for Landlords and Renters

Landlords will pass on the cost of letting to tenants via rent…or via some other fee. But a significant change has been made…one that throws a wrench in this argument.

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were 50 Years Ago?

How many hours of your time do things cost? The facts are astonishing…And they give credence to the millennial whinging about how baby boomers had it easier.

NZ’s Housing Market: The Cold, Hard Facts

Frustratingly, it seems like the mainstream media have only one side of the argument to offer — that houses have nowhere to go but up.