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The Reason Why I’m Investing in Fish

In New Zealand, we have one of the largest fishing zones in the world. 4.1 million square kilometres. And a low population base. This provides a competitive advantage.

Ignore This House Buying Strategy at Your Own Peril

‘You can’t time the market. Buy now.’ This is downright one of the WORST, most DANGEROUS pieces of advice one could utter.

Homeowners Could Be Saying Adios to $400k

This week, an alarming study was released describing just how close we are to NZ housing hitting the fan…

Are You in Danger When the Kiwi Property Time Bomb Explodes?

For the first time in a decade, the Auckland property market is bleeding red. You shouldn’t be surprised…we’ve been predicting this outcome for at least six months now..

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were 50 Years Ago?

How many hours of your time do things cost? The facts are astonishing…And they give credence to the millennial whinging about how baby boomers had it easier.

NZ’s Housing Market: The Cold, Hard Facts

Frustratingly, it seems like the mainstream media have only one side of the argument to offer — that houses have nowhere to go but up.

You’re Being Robbed: Inflation Is the Culprit

If we keep up the current rate of inflation, it will mean that the increasing price of goods could outstrip increases in wages.

NZ Housing Could Fall 48%

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the New Zealand housing market is laughably expensive. Frankly, you’d be lucky if you can afford a rock to live under.

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Buying a Home Right Now

Home ownership. It’s always been part of the Kiwi dream. You work hard. Save up. Find a little place in the country to call your own. Sure it probably takes several years to save up enough for a down payment,