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The Virus and the Property Market: Are We on a Precipice?

In the wake of Covid, the government’s easy-money policies have caused house prices to soar. But is a rude awakening about to happen?

Kill Your 30-Year Mortgage: Invest in This Instead

Auckland is New Zealand’s most cosmopolitan city. Everyone is competing for a slice of it. But is there an alternative to this mad race?

Property: Should I Pay Off My Mortgage or Pay Interest Only?

Right now, mortgage interest rates are at record lows. Should you take advantage of this unique situation? What’s the best way to do it?

Buying Property in 2020: Should You Commit to Doing It?

Are you thinking of buying property during this COVID-19 recession? Here are the top 5 things you need to consider before you make this strategic move…

Blink and You’ll Miss It: The Mortgage Hole You’re Falling Into

Are you getting a mortgage? Watch out. Unless you structure your loan to suit your situation, you could end up paying a lot more interest than you need.

Negative Interest Rates Are Not Normal

Negative interest rates are not the norm. You would borrow money. You buy the house. You sell the house 20 years later…and you give back the money.

Our Ticking Time Bomb: Why Kiwi Debt Is About to Explode

Houses cost more. People have to borrow more to buy them. Wages are growing more slowly than house prices. The result? Ballooning debt. That’s not all bad, right?

Is There a Better Way to Do Property?

Here in NZ, we lock people out of housing. We have the lowest rates of home ownership since just after the Second World War. And it’s starting to show.

A Shadow Deal: How to Buy a Home You Can’t Afford

With the new ‘shared ownership’ plan, folks can come in with whatever deposit they have…and can get basically whatever house they want…

Here’s How You Can Get a $640,000 House for Under $50k

ASB announced that it will be offering loans for KiwiBuild buyers for a down deposit of just 5%. For savvy investors, this could be a good opportunity.