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PrimeXBT Research: Are Financial Markets Ready for Recovery?

What does reopening our economy mean for global assets like forex, gold, oil, and cryptocurrency? This exclusive guest post from PrimeXBT does a deep dive.

Coronavirus Fears Spark Gold Shortages

The obvious place for your money during this deflationary period is gold. Gold you can hold in your hands. That is, if you can get some…

Fake Money Prevents Investors From Making Real Gains

Fear is in the air. Stocks have plunged. The economic loss is huge. Here’s why gold could be the perfect solution for market jitters.

Executive Order 6102 Led to the Fall of America’s Money System

Have you ever heard of Executive Order 6102? Most people haven’t, but it’s one of the most profound mistakes in American history.

The Fed Should Let the Market Set Rates

Faced with the next crisis, the monkeys at central banks are going to do what everyone expects them to do. The feds should let the market rates be set.

Uber versus Gold…or Something Else?

Uber or gold, which do you pick? While I’m no gold bug, I wouldn’t blame you for picking the latter. It’s probably a better option than piling into a company going bust!

Gold Nuggets from Grant’s NYC Conference

New York is a city of transactions, the cabbie told me. I chuckled, took nothing of it and continued making small talk. It wasn’t until I strolled down 7th Avenue that I began to see what he meant.

The Trade that Defines My Career

I’m going to tell you about a defining moment in my career. It involves a trade that would have a lasting influence. Let me set the scene…

Is This Really the ‘Trade of the Century’?

From change comes opportunity. And one hedge fund says they’ve stumbled upon the ‘trade of the century’. But I’m going to show you something even better…

All That Glitters: Why Gold Is Your Best Bet

If I asked you what gold is used for, you’d probably say jewellery, right? Well, you’d be half right. Gold has lots of other uses.

Your Doomsday Survival Guide

if society collapsed tomorrow, how would you fare? Would you have what it takes to survive?