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Is the Stock Market Ticking Towards a Hard Reset?

Are you worried about when the next recession is going to hit? Let’s consult the Doomsday Clock. It will tell you how close we are to economic midnight.

A Lagging Economy Is Following Trump to the 2020 Ballot Box

Trump came into office promising that he would boost the economy. But all he’s done is rack up enormous spending and debt. Here’s how it’s all panning out.

A Trade War Win Won’t Boost the U.S. Economy Enough

Is Donald Trump about to declare victory in the trade war? Don’t be too happy about it. We haven’t seen any benefit to the economy just yet.

Our Doom Index Hasn’t Been This High Since 2008

Is an economic crash imminent? Here’s a hint: the last time our Doom Index was this high was in 2008. Here’s what’s at stake.

Trump Shouldn’t Take Credit for the Last Few Quarters of Economic Expansion

Everybody loves an economic expansion. Probably none more so than Trump. But is he actually overreaching by taking credit for it?

Rigging the Federal Reserve Made the Rich Richer

The feds had their funny money; they weren’t going to give it up. And they weren’t going to back off from any of their spending.

Stocks Have a Rendezvous with Destiny

Stocks couldn’t decide where to go yesterday. Up? Down? So, they went nowhere. Nowhere is about as good as it gets in this market.

Our Crash Alert Flag Is Still Flying

Naturally, the foreigners are learning not to trust US suppliers…and are looking for essential inputs elsewhere. Win-lose again…with little chance that the US will be a winner.

Crash Alert

The next recession is coming fast. And based on the early data I have, it looks like the Doom Index will hit ‘8’ in our official reading this quarter.

Our Advice to America’s 11-Year-Olds

Our advice to 11-year-olds: The US markets may repeat the experience of the last 77 years; but we wouldn’t bet on it. It really is a new ball game.

Our Third Bold Prediction

The federal government is already adding $100 billion a month to its debt — and we’re still in a boom. And it won’t be long before the boom ends.

‘Us Versus Them’ Is Always a Scam

Why would taxes on the rich suddenly be so popular? Easy…the middle classes think they’ve been cheated. Many thought Donald J Trump would set things right. Now they look to the tax code.

How Mob Rule Comes to America

Today, the mob thinks it has been done dirty by the elite. But it is unaware of how the dirty was done, and so, its efforts — on both sides of the political divide — are ineffectual, irrelevant, or deleterious.

Prepare for the Financial Volcanic Eruption

I’m in New Plymouth, on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand (NZ). The bolthole search continues. You’ll find more on that below.

US Stocks Are Playing Russian Roulette

Top macroeconomists are calling for a recession ‘before the end of 2020.’ What? We’ve already been waiting for years…