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The Real State of the Union

Americans are now among the most heavily policed people in the advanced world. There were three federal crimes in 1789; there are more than 4,000 today.

Trump Missed His Last Great Opportunity

What kind of a Commander in Chief would describe brave and heroic achievements from more than half a century ago, but lack the courage to confront an ongoing pattern of wasted lives and wasted trillions?

What the Super Bowl and the Crusades Have in Common…

Mounting auto inventories and slumping house sales suggest that the expansion may be reaching its end. This is nearly the longest recovery ever recorded; a recession can’t be long coming

Investors Will Fight This Trend…And Lose

After a 38-year boom, the fundamentals have reversed. Day is night; night is day. From lower and lower interest rates, we see rising ones.

Where the Market Will Go Next

The primary trend of the market had changed from bullish to bearish. But that doesn’t mean it will be a straight shot down.

Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Join Forces

The private sector faces a recession. Wall Street sees a bear market coming. In Washington, tax receipts will fall…as costs continue to rise.

Trillion-Dollar Deficits From Here to Eternity

In America today, it is almost impossible — politically — to cut government spending or to raise taxes. That leaves debt as the only way forward.

The Greatest Comedy of Modern Politics

Government, always and everywhere, is a way for the few to exploit the many. Modern democracy depends as much on fraud as force. Elite conquerors pretend to respond to the ‘will of the people.’

This Could be the Most Foretold Recession Ever

There are talks of a recession everywhere. Many are predicting one…Still, some don’t believe we could be heading towards a recession…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Danger to The Nation

A big, new danger appeared in Congress this month: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newest representative of New York’s 14th district.

One Mistake Dooms Investors…

Both Trump and Powell will do all they can to save this market. Both are avoiding a bloodbath because the blood will splatter on their own white shirts.

This Could Be Worse Than 1929

The stock market may have resumed its selloff sooner than we expected.The Dow fell 660 points after Apple announced weak sales — mostly in China.

What We Learned From 2018…

After a week at the family farm, we had come back to the city for New Year’s Eve. But hardly had the new year begun when the echoes of the old year filled the streets and alleyways.

Good News About the Coming Crash

The last leaves are falling from the trees. And the last days of December are counting down, like the quiet moments before an execution.

How the Country Goes Broke…

Come the next crisis, our problems will intensify. Tax revenues will plummet. Deficits will grow to $2 trillion a year in 2019 or 2020.