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Trickle-Up Economics

Keynes’ prediction never came to pass. We still work 40 hours a week on average. And toil harder than ever before. Those gains in productivity are real. But where did they go?

US Jobs Report — Why Kiwis Like You Just Got Poorer

The Kiwi dollar is weaker after the US jobs data was posted earlier this month. An expected US slowdown doesn’t appear to be happening. Instead, the slowdown is happening here.

Free Money in Finland: A Failure in the Making

If you’re getting a nice cheque in the mail each month — enough to cover the basics — then what’s the rush in trying to find a job and be productive?

Global Job Crunch Coming: Financial Independence More Important Than Ever

With a global job crunch coming, I urgently want to let you know why financial independence is such a worthwhile goal.

Are Robots Sabotaging Your Job Hunt?

Looking for a job? Know someone who is? If so, you’re probably familiar with the tortuous application process that modern jobseekers endure.

This Gov’t Shutdown Has Me Tickled Pink

It’s been almost a month since the shutdown began. As you’d expect, nobody’s happy with this scenario…Except me.

How the Future of Tech Will Reverse Globalisation

I’m not a technology nihilist. I don’t believe technology will rise up against us and thwart the human race. But tech of all shapes and sizes is pushing a lot of us out of jobs.

Use or Lose It: Why Now’s the Best Time to Upskill Your Wealth Management

Perhaps you might think that you’re past this point in life…Your career is over…And you’re ready to put things on autopilot…But I think that would be a fatal mistake.

How to Succeed in the Reversal of Globalisation

Process driven and highly repetitive jobs could disappear in your life time. It won’t all happen overnight. But in time, automation and robotics will take over a lot of these jobs.

Being Held Hostage — Is This the Christmas Spirit?

I only have a limited view of what’s been going on over at Air NZ. Today we’ll relay what your fellow readers sent in. And you be the judge!

Why the 15-hour Working Week is Further Away Than Ever

A Keynesian utopia of free leisure time before us! But not so fast…There’s one area of the economy not subject to the laws of competition.

Why the Japanese Love the Robots in Tauranga

Yamaha, big-time Japanese manufacturer, has just bought $12 million worth of shares in a tiny Tauranga-based start-up called Robotics Plus.

The Bitcoin Holy War — Who Will Win?

In the past week, the value of bitcoin has crumpled. It’s gone from $9,500 per coin to under $7,500 a coin in roughly five days. We’ll cover why the downturn occurred…

Dinner with a Socialist

Not long ago, I ate dinner with a mate named Kevin. I asked him where he’d choose to live if he could live anywhere in the world. His answer might shock you…

Meet the Typist-3000

Do you think that robots threaten your future? You’re not alone. According to Pew Research, over 70% of Americans share your view.