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The Legal Kind of Counterfeit Money

The Federal Reserve’s money-printing is resulting in the only legal kind of fake money. It’s souring American policy, the economy, and society…

Defying Corona: Why Australia Continues to Exceed Expectations

Australia is still the Lucky Country. Despite being hit by COVID-19, certain industries remain resilient. Here’s our exclusive analysis of the road ahead…

Americans Are Losing Faith in the System

The feds are printing up trillions of worthless dollars. People are losing faith in the system. Its rules, institutions, and principles are breaking down.

Your Average Auckland House Could Only Be Worth $590k

Overvalued. Overpriced. Overconfident. We continue to see people buy expensive assets, disregarding fundamentals. Is this guns-blazing approach wise?

Even Donald Trump Is Right Sometimes

The mainstream makes Trump look like a moron. His loyal followers think he’s the best president that ever served. Somewhere in the middle is the truth…

The American Empire Continues its Decline

Out-of-control deficits and a lack of real analysis have put America’s empire between a rock and a hard place. How did it come to this?

Don’t Buy Your Next House Until You Read This

It’s shocking. Desperate Kiwis are now moving to the provinces in search of affordable housing. Is it too late to resolve this escalating crisis?

America Is On a Downward Spiral

Once the historical monuments start coming down, there’s no turning back. Here’s the true cause of America’s downward trajectory…

American Progress Has Stunted Economic Growth, Opportunity

Today’s college graduates are saddled with debt, dwindling job prospects and phony progress. Here’s how America came to be this way…

Fiscal Madness Becomes Reality

Who thought we would be facing this level of fiscal madness? But it’s now an iron law. When the money goes, everything goes…

Fake Money, Greedy Elites Hide Real Problems

The whole thing is a scam. The Black elites pocket more money. The White elites show the world what nice folks they are…

America Is Turning Into A Zombie Economy

It’s a zombie economy. Under zombie policies, fake money is being handed out to dead people and zombie companies. Here’s why that’s a bad thing.

The Four Steps to an Unstable and Corrupt America

Argentina is a good barometer for American progress. And it’s clear that America is growing unstable and corrupted, on its way to Argentine-like realities.

Today’s Market Discounts Financial Integrity

The market has been corrupted by the Fed and its fake money. It is no longer suited to the wise, disciplined, courageous investors of old…

America’s Monumental 21st Century Mistakes

Wars. Overspending. Shutting down the economy. What’s left? An American economy too weak to recover…