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Cannasouth IPO — A Post-Mortem

On Wednesday, 19 June, the very first public cannabis company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Within 60 minutes of going live, the stock tanked…

First Weed Company to List on the NZX?

Cannasouth is seeking $5 million from invited investors and another $5 million in a public offer. This could end a long listing drought on our bone-dry exchange.

Forget the 2020 Referendum: Cannabis Investors Want It Legal Now

It’s an emerging idea that we’ve kept a close eye on. Not because we’re personally interested in the product…but because we’ve seen the remarkable returns that cannabis legalisation can bring investors.

Will You Be One of NZ’s First Marijuana Millionaires?

For those of you who have been following our coverage of the pot phenomenon, this could be your first foray into an explosive industry.

Canada Legalises Weed — Market High Wears Off

At midnight on Wednesday, a marijuana dispensary in Newfoundland, Canada sold the nation’s first gram of legal recreational cannabis.

The Coca-Colas of the Cannabis World

We’re already seeing some of the world’s biggest cannabis stocks rocket higher in price. These Canadian giants are preparing themselves to be the Coca-Colas of the cannabis world.

What You Should Know When Investing in Crypto and Pot Stocks

Nobody wants to get rich slowly. Not millennials, not generation X, not even baby boomers. It’s why there was so much demand for bitcoin last year.

The Most Innovative Cannabis Stocks on the ASX

22 January 2015 — a day to remember. It was the day that cannabis made its debut on the ASX. And what a debut it was…

A Kiwi Cannabis Jackpot

I believe the greatest value of cannabis is for investors.You see, whether you like it or not, the pot industry is exploding.