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Brexit, Trump, and the Path to Real Wealth

2016 was a momentous year. The Brexit vote happened. Then Trump rose to power. But the smart money still prevailed. Here’s why.

The Man Who Doubled His Family’s Wealth in Months

It’s legendary. The battle that changed the course of European history. Here’s how one bold investor made the decision to prosper from it.

The Number One Factor Limiting Your Wealth

When it comes to investing, you must face the fear of losing money. Not all your investments will work out or make as much as you think.

Brexit: The Money Sitting Under the Couch

It’s the final countdown. After years of wrangling, Brexit is finally within reach. Here’s what the investment upside looks like.

UK Victory Unleashes Big Money: Time to Buy, Sell or Hold?

The ayes have it. Boris Johnson has won a resounding mandate to push Brexit through. What does the road ahead look like for the UK?

How Investors Profit When Democracy Stumbles

We’re seeing what can only be described as manipulation of democracy. And this creates huge uncertainty — but also opportunity — for investors.

Brexit News: Why a Victory for BoJo is a Victory for New Zealand

Is BoJo right? Free movement of goods and people between New Zealand, Australia and the UK could provide much-needed trade and export growth.

A One-Stop Solution: How to Track Your Investments

Are you finding hard to keep track of your stock performance and dividend payments? This might just be the solution for you to track your investments.

Inflate-or-Die Traps Will Show up in Almost Every Economy

That country, too Argentina, is in an Inflate-or-Die trap. The pro-business
president, Mauricio Macri, tried to resist inflating. He died.

Boris Johnson’s Pain: Could This Be Your Investing Nirvana?

Boris Johnson may have to go back to the EU and ask for yet another extension. The UK’s negotiating position has now been crushed.

BoJo and the Brexit Bargain Buys

In 2016, Britain voted to leave the EU. If you read the mainstream financial press, you may think this means the end of the UK. In fact, it presents some opportunities.

What the Forex Guys Know About Brexit That the Rest of Us Don’t

Amongst my finance colleagues, I was one of the few that thought Brexit was a good idea. The EU has been a dead zone for growth. Last year, the US grew more than twice as fast as the EU

No One Ever Got Fired for Following the Herd…

It goes without saying, investors should be buying quality. Surely, we should be trying to buy good businesses all the time? But there’s a problem.

Who’s Going to Cut Down the Fairy Tree?

We left the warm and friendly west coast of Central America on Friday. Now, we are on the south coast of Ireland. Still friendly, but less warm.

The Greatest Comedy of Modern Politics

Government, always and everywhere, is a way for the few to exploit the many. Modern democracy depends as much on fraud as force. Elite conquerors pretend to respond to the ‘will of the people.’