Lifetime Wealth Investor

Are you looking to build long-term wealth?

A stream of great passive income ideas?

A healthy nest egg for a solid retirement?

Here at Lifetime Wealth Investor, our goal is simple: to give you clear and effective research so you can make the most informed investment decisions.

We’ll guide you through the most exciting opportunities emerging in the global economy — from rock-star companies on the cutting-edge of innovation, to commodity giants ready to cash in on the megatrends of the future.

It’s all about high-conviction sectors ready to deliver income and growth.

Breaking news. In-depth analysis. Robust recommendations…

Our exclusive weekly reports are easy-to-read — and along with our web guides — will show you exactly how to buy…how to sell…and how to position yourself smartly so you can secure the most productive assets.


Passive income ideas


Here’s what you’re going to get when you join our Inner Circle with Lifetime Wealth Investor.

Detailed recommendations from Day 1:

  1. Weekly Strategy Updates— Delves deep into the best businesses and sectors poised for growth in developed markets across the globe. Buy, hold or sell — and why. We’ll help you build your Lifetime Wealth portfolio step by step with extra income ideas. Online and delivered fresh to your inbox every Wednesday.
  2. Stock alerts— Something happening with one of our positions? Opportunity to top up or maybe time to get out? We’ll shoot that to your inbox as soon as we’ve spotted it. So you’re always in the know on the positions in your portfolio.
  3. Portfolio online— Our recommended portfolio at any point is sitting on your encrypted, members only site. Log in and keep track of that at any time. Compare it against your own account.
  4. How to Buy Global Stocks— Regularly updated and with step-by-step instruction in plain English on how to build a golden portfolio from wherever you’re based. Direct access to our preferred global brokers.
  5. Customer Service — Got questions? While we can’t give any personal financial advice, we’re always here to provide support.

We know you’re busy. You want well-researched passive income ideas you can put into play straight away. High conviction ideas that can lead to stellar capital growth with good income while you wait.

And as a savvy investor, you want clear recommendations with the convictions and reasons behind them explained. You want to know the upside and the downside so you can make your own assessment on whether you should get involved or not.

First thing, our strategy has a 3-pronged approach.

We call this building a Tri-Star Portfolio.

We delve into…

  1. Unexplored stock opportunities in high-conviction boom sectors. We’re talking about resources, medicine, energy, infrastructure, and high-impact property trends.
  2. High-income producing shares that could provide you income for life. This is based on booming sector profits, strong margins and free cashflow. That alone is better than many mainstream financial goals.
  3. Capital preservation. We’ll give you deep fundamental analysis and business knowledge. We’ll seek out investments with sound management, strong profitability, good dividend yield and value underpinned by solid assets.

Lifetime Wealth Investor combines the slow steady burn of our high-yield income strategy with mega-profit picks from our growth convictions. Plus, downside management with our discerning approach to business valuation.

Together, the Tri-Star Technique means the real homework and heavy lifting is done. We believe it could offer subscribers big gains, reliable dividends and extra income ideas.

The reality is the mainstream financial media and pundits so often get it wrong. Like they did with Brexit. And Trump…

Nobody cared about your need for a reliable and growing stream of income and wealth. Until now…

Lifetime Wealth Investor provides the alerts you need to generate meaningful wealth and lasting passive income from the most profitable sector conviction businesses on the global markets.

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