1. What is Money Morning New Zealand?

Money Morning New Zealand is a free financial investment publication based in Auckland, New Zealand. Each edition is jam-packed full of unique investing insights and easy to read market analysis written by our expert panel of editors from around the world.

Our goal is to bring you investment opportunities that most mainstream sources miss. It’s all about helping you become a smarter, richer and more successful investor. You can read it online at moneymorning.co.nz or even better, have it delivered straight to your email inbox each day simply by signing up for the free e-letter. That way you’ll be sure never to miss out on the latest investment opportunities and analysis.

  1. How is Money Morning New Zealand different to other financial publications and websites out there?

You only have to glance at the internet to see how much is written about finance and investing. Unfortunately quantity doesn’t mean quality. Most of it is just recycled noise and public relations ‘guff’ disguised as news.

But at Money Morning New Zealand our aim isn’t to recycle and regurgitate the latest financial and stock market news to you. Our aim is to show you how you could profit from it.

Our editors dig deeper into the financial stories that matter most to your wealth — by getting to the core of what’s really happening out there in the financial world. It’s thanks to this dedication and commitment, that you’ll find investment information and ideas you won’t find elsewhere — especially not in the mainstream media. We believe (and our readers tell us this too) that our analysis will give you an edge over most investors out there.

  1. What kind of topics does Money Morning New Zealand cover?

Money Morning New Zealand provides you with in depth analysis and commentary on the most important financial news of the day… especially if it could affect your investments.

As a Money Morning New Zealand reader you’ll learn about a range of investing topics that affect your wealth and wellbeing, including:

How to make money on the stock market regardless of whether it’s going up, down or sideways

Which events in the New Zealand and global economy you should pay attention to and which ones are just ‘noise’ hiding the real issues that we think could affect your wealth

Why buying gold and silver is one of the most worthwhile investments of your lifetime, and the best ways to make short and long terms profits from precious metals

What’s the real story with the New Zealand housing market in the past decade, and why housing is the worst investment you could make

Which important investment strategies you can put in place now and what you should know about building and protecting your wealth in a risky market and more…

  1. Why should I become an email subscriber to the Money Morning New Zealand e-letter?

Each day you’ll have Money Morning New Zealand delivered straight to your inbox. That means you’ll never miss an issue.

Plus occasionally we’ll also send you free investment reports, briefings, white paper research, cutting analysis, and ideas to grow your wealth. Website only readers miss out on this bonus material.

If you want to become more knowledgeable about protecting and building your wealth, you should subscribe to the Money Morning New Zealand daily email.

  1. Does it cost anything to subscribe to Money Morning New Zealand?

Subscribing to the Money Morning New Zealand e-letter is absolutely free. The daily analysis and insights we provide are free of charge. You won’t have to pay a penny and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  1. How do I become a subscriber to Money Morning New Zealand?

That’s simple, you just follow this link, type in your email address and click the submit button. You’ll receive a welcome email confirmation shortly after, and you’ll start receiving your daily Money Morning New Zealand within 24 hours.

  1. How often will I receive Money Morning New Zealand?

As a subscriber, you’ll receive our practical and profitable investment knowledge Monday through Friday, as well as a special weekend edition ‘Money Weekend’ on Saturdays.

  1. How can Money Morning New Zealand provide all this investment information for free?

Money Morning New Zealand is where we introduce you to our broad thoughts and analysis.

As a Money Morning New Zealand reader we’ll let you in on some of those ideas. But the full analysis, including when to buy and when to sell, is something we reserve for our paying subscribers.

From time to time we’ll introduce you to our editors’ latest and best ideas. Of course, you’re under no obligation to join these services and take the advice. These paid services are simply available to you should you wish to get even more out of your wealth by taking advantage of the exclusive share tips and profitable investment ideas of our specialist editors.

These additional services offer comprehensive investment strategies not usually found anywhere else — not even in Money Morning New Zealand.

  1. Will Money Morning New Zealand share my email address with third parties?

No. We will never share or sell your email address to external parties. The only emails that we send to you will be sent direct from Money Morning New Zealand. If you require further information about this, please refer to our privacy policy for further information.

  1. Can I unsubscribe from Money Morning New Zealand?

If you feel the information in Money Morning New Zealand doesn’t help you become a smarter, richer, more successful investor, you can unsubscribe from it at any time. Simply click the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every Money Morning New Zealand email.

  1. Why should I trust what I read in Money Morning New Zealand over other financial sources?

Unlike the mainstream financial news services out there, Money Morning New Zealand is a totally independent publication. That means we don’t rely on third party advertisers.

In a world of manipulated markets and a commercially and politically influenced mainstream media, your wealth is at the mercy of vested interests. Everyone is trying to distract you from the real issues that could impact your investments.

Governments, banks, finance professionals and industry lobby groups use their marketing and media might to deceive you for their own benefit. That means you need to be sceptical about everything you read and challenge those who write it. That includes us. Read everything with an open mind. We encourage readers to write to us it they think we’re wrong or want us to clarify something. In fact, you can write to us now at [email protected].

Bottom line: as an independent publication Money Morning New Zealand is answerable only to its readers.

And as such the Money Morning New Zealand editors aren’t afraid to ‘tell it like it is’. We write about what we believe is really happening in the wider financial world. We then offer actionable investment tips and advice about what you can do to survive and prosper financially, amidst all the chaos and confusion.

The important thing is we don’t have any ownership interest in the investments we recommend, and we don’t accept payments, commissions or kick-backs from firms in return for promoting their product.

By reading Money Morning New Zealand each day you’ll discover how to gain better control of your wealth and how you could protect and grow it for your future needs.

  1. Who are the people behind Money Morning New Zealand?

Money Morning New Zealand is published by Money Morning Investment Research, an independent financial publisher based in Auckland, New Zealand. We are part of the Agora group of companies, one of the world’s largest independent financial publishing groups. As we are registered on the Register of Financial Service Provider (FSP615149) in New Zealand, we are subject to the regulations and laws of the Financial Markets Authority to provide class and wholesale advice in relation to financial products in New Zealand only. We cannot, and do not, provide personalised advice in relation to financial products.

  1. Can you tell me more about the people who write for Money Morning New Zealand?

Our investment editors have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the financial markets and various other industries. They share this with Money Morning New Zealand readers each day.

Each of our editors specialises in a specific area of investment advice and analysis. These range from small-cap stocks, to emerging markets, to technology stocks.

What they all have in common is that they all offer a unique and independent perspective on the financial markets.

Of course, when you’ve got this many opinions it means they won’t always agree with each other. But that’s when we often find the best analysis shines through. It encourages our editors to back up their ideas and analysis. This can only result in a better quality of analysis for our readers.

If you’d like to find out more about each of the main Money Morning New Zealand editors (including which editor most closely matches your own views) visit their profile page here and see their publications.

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