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Facebook Is Looking at Integrating to More Areas of Your Life

Facebook is looking at launching their own digital currency next year. Something they have called project Libra, or Global Coin.

What the Mainstream Isn’t Telling You…

In investment, there is a tendency to think that the future is linear, that things won’t change. But, as the saying goes, the only thing constant in life is change. And change is coming.

Want Recognition? Now You Have it

EverAI is a facial recognition service. As it turns out, Ever was helping you store your photos but also quietly using them to train their AI facial recognition system.

Chinese Companies are Increasingly Venturing Outside of China

While coffee drinkers knock back around 120 cups of coffee per year, the average consumption for China is only one cup a year. But interest for coffee in China is growing.

What We Can Learn from Japan’s Property Market

You can never lose money with real estate. Just ask the people in Japan. You can.

A New Infrastructure Boom

5G is the next generation of wireless connectivity that will allow for quicker download speeds. You will probably be hearing a lot about 5G this year.

Make No Mistake, It’s All About Your Data

A Japanese company, Vaak, is looking at predicting crime before it happens. The company has developed a software that uses artificial intelligence and looks at predicting shoplifting.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Robo-Car Hype

There is no doubt we are seeing a big revolution in transport. There is the electric car…autonomous driving…ride shares…As more people move into cities, we could see many starting to forgo owning a car.

Graphene Could Be A Game Changer

In the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we saw some cool stuff like foldable phones. But, there was also something interesting from the Institute of Photonic Sciences.

How to Create a Superhero

Graphene was discovered in 2004 but while there has been much hype about it, it’s only in the last year that we have seen real applications of the material.

Time Travelling is a Real Thing

You may have worked hard all your life to gather some savings, buy a home, build a portfolio…but any ill-advised or poorly-timed financial mistake could set you back in time.

Are the Banks Reigniting the Crypto Bull Market?

Cryptos have seen some positivity recently, and there are quite a few things going on behind the scenes.

Could This Make Electric Cars Actually Work?

Who hasn’t experienced the anxiety of running out of petrol before you can refuel? This anxiety is probably much worse for electric car owners…

Charge Your Car On the Move

The energy industry is going through a massive change. Most of us aren’t driving electric vehicles…yet. But that number is set to increase.

5G Is About More than Fast Speeds

We use mobile phones for pretty much everything. To cope with the massive amounts of data we consume, we will need better connections. Enter 5G.