I enjoy a good road trip. My record for distance would have to be the journey my wife and I made from the Lake District at the top of England to Rome in Central Italy.

Probably not a trip you’d want to do in an EV, since you’d be relying on achieving a full charge each night (about 13 hours from a normal socket). Of course, you could use rapid chargers at public facilities which can reach a full charge in 30 minutes. But you’d need to be sure of their availability, and constant rapid charging wears down your battery.

Today, as with most jurisdictions, New Zealand is seeking to encourage the uptake of EVs and penalise dirtier petrol and diesel vehicles. Charging overnight at home is appealing, as is the much lower ‘fuelling’ cost at a per equivalent litre price of around 30c. Assuming ‘off-peak’ power rates.

I am almost convinced. But, as with many things in life, you seldom gain something without giving up something else. As in the market, growth opportunities do not come without risk.

Of course, the numbers for EV emissions would reduce as electricity generation moves to more renewable. But what is not fully included in the EV calculation is the pollution involved in mining lithium and nickel for the battery. Nor the added pollution of making yet another vehicle. And the owner’s propensity to have a ‘backup’ fossil-fuel car.

So, can we find better opportunities beyond lithium and nickel? Beyond EV batteries? Beyond the tediousness of charging? 

The short answer: Yes!

What are we are looking at now are some alternatives which promise clean, efficient transport with less downside in certain areas. With companies like Tesla [NASDAQ:TSLA] posting combustible stock prices, we are looking into these opportunities.

Find the right business and you could lead the future with explosive returns.

In fact, this company that we’re looking at is so revolutionary, it could actually be a game changer.

The energy it’s using is cleaner. Greener. Maybe more profitable.

It is highly speculative and risky, but it has already posted a 1,600% return, with more potentially on the cards…


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