There are investors who make more money than I. Investors who take greater risks. Even bet, gamble, and bag luck.

But that is not the reason I invest. I am a hunter of quality. I like fine, well-built companies with clear opportunities run by good people.

A solid wooden house. A well-built Mercedes. People who do what they say they’ll do. Build-quality and delivery is everything in my book. And if they can do that with innovation that sidesteps the competition – well, then we have something special.

So, in our regular meeting this week, we discussed new acquisitions for our portfolio. This is getting harder now, with the market edging higher and higher each trading day.

There’s no longer money lying on the floor, ready to be picked up by the brave. As there was several months ago.

Yet there are a few developing trends where money will be made:

  • Reopening and Covid recovery stocks
  • Semiconductor development
  • Infrastructure and building materials
  • Industrial and warehouse property demand
  • Food supply and security

The world has changed since Covid. There are new fears and threats.

Meanwhile, global warming continues to build concern around food supply.

This will pan out in many different ways. A wise investor keeps their eye on the threats and the opportunities.

One startling trend I’ve been observing over the past year is the incursion of Chinese fishing fleets into the sovereign territory of other countries.

Most recently, the Philippines alleged more than 200 Chinese vessels had encroached their territorial waters. There have also been reports of such incursions in Indonesian waters, around the island of Palau, and as far away as South America.

These incursions are likely to worsen as China continues to follow an aggressive strategy in the South China Sea, and global warming leads to declining fish supplies moving south.

This is a concern as far south as Australia…

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