When you’ve been investing for a while, you learn there are certain paths toward growth.

A value company is about to return to paying dividends after several years of consolidation.

We spotted this with an NZX-listed financial pick in late February. It’s delivered nearly 25% to our portfolio since then.

Or a hammered-down but otherwise robust stock is set for recovery due to changing economic circumstances.

This may be the case in today’s recommendation. Although the business is still trading at quite a high price for its earnings, this could change over the next 12 months. Earnings could grow beyond expectation, meaning the price we pay today provides value and growth in the medium-term.

And this business was right in front of my nose. It was already on our Watch List for monitoring at around $90.

Now it looks as though there is stronger opportunity. A more defined path toward growth.

It’s a technology business that has already disrupted the tourism industry the world over — and post-Covid, it may just enjoy a profitable bounceback…


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