If you’ve invested in our portfolio, it won’t be lost on you that we’ve surfed a big wave. The Covid-19 recovery. There’s been some fantastic returns. Now the sea is flatter.

Of course, we’re prepared and waiting for the next wave.

Meanwhile, we’re altering our strategy.

With bank deposits rotting away at less than 1% interest, stable dividend streams over 3% p.a. will be attractive to investors. Especially when those income streams are supported by a large, robust business unlikely to be caught in an inflation-market melt.

Yes, markets are now quite high. But there is still value to be found, especially on the income front. And that’s where I’ve been hunting this week.

If we can’t get annual growth of 25%, we can bide some time with income at several times that of a term deposit. While working to manage the risk downside.

That’s why we now have our eye on this dividend-paying giant that Warren Buffett is a fan of…

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