One of my first businesses was to operate a global innovation expo. It was called New Ideas ’98.

Don’t bother googling that. This was in the days before the internet covered every business activity under the sun.

Email was not widespread either. We sold expo booths via fax. And mailed-in cheques.

The show was promoted with hundreds of thousands spent on traditional media.

And the stress of running such a business, around showtime, was intense.

I did not repeat the show. I sold the remaining exhibitors to a larger operator. And, from 2000 onwards, I concentrated on the growth of online business. And investing.

The internet, email, and the rapid move of everything online changed the world. It disrupted many industries. And it made new businesses and opportunities possible. This trend is continuing apace.

Today, I want to look at an upcoming tech IPO. That could more totally disrupt a significant sector of the global economy. And consider the opportunity to enter that. At the right strike time and price.

The world is ripe for disruption. For new ways of doing things.

Companies leading such disruption can make for remarkable investments…

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