The successful investor observes, thinks deeply, and then forms a strong conviction. They will not always be right, but over the long run, they should profit.

The bastion of post-Covid normality may not provide much more for the housing market. We’ve seen the odd phenomenon of housing working like a hedge. Like gold.

Print money and I will protect myself by increasing investment into housing. Such behaviour is consistent with receiving a bonanza during a natural disaster.

Most people’s instinct is to hoard that bonanza in hedge-type assets.

Once we get back to normality, people may be far happier to forget housing and invest in more productive areas. Like stocks, shares, and the products and services companies produce.

We move from focusing on necessities. Back to a regular economy. Only to find some necessities and hedge assets — like housing and perhaps gold and bitcoin — might be way overpriced.

Which is why I remain bullish on equities. And the window of opportunity we now have.

I want to share with you 3 key observations this week. Consider a new opportunity to leverage high-conviction strategies. And update you on the latest convictions in our portfolio…

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