This week, Pfizer’s announcement has rewarded us. And countless other optimists — just like you.

Leadership also makes a difference. It can move people and markets.

What you may start to see getting priced is how favourable a Biden presidency may be to Europe. He has promised to rebuild relationships with old allies. And strengthen NATO — the 1949 alliance Trump had dubbed obsolete. Biden’s stated approach offers both trade and security advantages to Europe. 

Also, there could be more value on the table in the UK. I remain cautious on Brexit. But can’t help seeing value and upside once England ends its coronavirus lockdown. And in case of any positive news on an EU trade deal.

I am now looking to shore up the portfolio with an income pick. Steady dividends of nearly 6%. With excellent capital preservation qualities.

And I find myself sniffing value in one of the UK’s largest climate-friendly businesses…

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