‘Don’t worry about heavy turbulence,’ a pilot once told me. ‘It takes a lot more than a storm to bring a plane down.’

For a while, I was going between London and the Channel Islands. The flight takes about an hour. When storms come through the English Channel, it can make for a hair-raising trip. I still recall the runway approaches. The jarring wind. The sudden pull-up to make another attempt. Then another…

For many, the fear does not end until the plane lands.

This must be how many investors feel right now. There has been some recovery since a March horror plunge. But most markets seem to be clambering on volatile and weak footings.

This week, expect turbulence as we approach a dramatic US election. But there could also be a relief rally straight after. Buying low during turbulence and holding on for better times can be a worthy strategy. For those capable of processing the risk. A skilfully piloted plane should ultimately make a good landing.

Here are the golden opportunities that we’re seeing in the run-up to November 3… 

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