One of the benefits of investing globally is the world is your oyster. There are many industries to choose from. And any one government or country is only part of your diversification.

And no matter the government, we are on this trajectory. Whether tax-slashing, rule-removing Trump — or here, the coronation of our Covid queen — this trend is likely to burgeon. And it creates an exciting investment opportunity. One that could project both strong growth and excellent income yield while you wait.

Infrastructure investment is the heavy digger that governments use to spark growth during times of worrying downturn. Apparently, there are more than 150 ‘shovel-ready’ projects in this country. Ready to soak up state investment and build livelihoods.

Around the world, there will be many, many more. Next to loose monetary policy, this seems the stimulus of choice amongst wealthier countries. And China is one of the leaders, where everything seems shovel-ready.

The one thing these projects have in common is their thirst for raw materials. And when it comes to demand for these, we’re seeing some changing phenomenon.

But there’s one company that could literally be digging out the money…

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