In 2016, I was working with the world’s first regulated cryptocurrency fund in Europe.

The principals of the fund believed that one coin was uncorrelated with other markets. That it would change money as we know it. And provide a rapid escalation in wealth for those willing to accept the volatility of holding it.

The fund went on to show returns well over 100%.

But we struggled to get our pool of high net-worth investors and family offices to take a meaningful look. Then we realised, when you’re sitting on maybe £150 million, you’d rather earn 4.5% and avoid serious risk. With that kind of wealth, you’re focused on preservation. Rather than potential rapid gains.

Yet is there a place for cryptocurrency in a Lifetime Wealth portfolio? Although this programme started after the huge gains, there could still be a place for a speculative allocation.

Especially now that money and the global debt outlook have changed again!

Moreover, you don’t want to miss out. If there could be another 100% in it, even a small risk allocation could be worthwhile.

Let’s explore why. And how you could potentially make a low-cost entry on your brokerage platform…

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