I recall advice from the economist John Maynard Keynes: the stock market is a beauty contest. But a smart investor should not decide the winner on who they think is the most beautiful girl. Success comes from considering who the majority may think is most beautiful.

Are EV stocks beautiful?

The main stumbling blocks with EVs are cost, range, and charge times. As these vehicles’ batteries age, the range gets less. The electricity used to charge them is usually from mixed sources — not always environmentally friendly. And some studies show cold weather can reduce their range by up to 40%.

As you hear more stories of charge anxiety and delays caused by the need to wait for EVs to charge, you do wonder whether they will win the long game in emission-free transport.

So, if EV stocks could be overhyped and facing uncertain prospects, where are the hidden opportunities? Where is the next beauty contest?

For me, it comes down to an exciting solution that promises both value and growth.

Which is why we’re adding this upcoming IPO to our Watch List…

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