Right now, there is huge hope from investors for a COVID-19 vaccine. And the biggest beneficiaries of that vaccine will be value stocks.

According to research from Goldman Sachs:

Value shares beat their growth counterparts by more than 3 percentage points over the Aug. 22 to Sept. 8 period, when the chances of a vaccine available by the first quarter of 2021 jumped to about 70% from around 40%.

Even a 56% effective vaccine against COVID could dramatically slow its spread and morbidity. The calculated chance of availability is increasing by the day.

It seems reasonable to me — for those both brave and optimistic — to double down on value stocks. And take advantage of the recent tech deflation.

Which is exactly what we’re going to do here.

You may recall, about a month ago, we added an intriguing 5G / IoT play to our Watch List.

Given the right conditions and continued breakthroughs, our tech stock recommendation could be in for a second wind…


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