Investors need to see a growth story for the price of the stock to keep rising.

Now, what we saw last week was that some growth stories had become overwrought. The price outpaced the growth story.

This happens in some large cities. Here in New Zealand, Auckland seems to have peaked. People are moving to smaller centres, and those centres are seeing the new growth story prices. Centres like Gisborne and New Plymouth.

A savvy investor looks to see not where the growth story is right now, but where it will be tomorrow. As you know, we’ve avoided some of the hottest growth stories. This is because we felt, at the time we were getting Lifetime Wealth going, they were too rich. And dangerous.

Now they’re correcting.

Tesla [NASDAQ:TSLA] with a P/E that seems ridiculous is now starting to shed growth. It is down 34% this past week.

Other tech and high growth companies are also down, including Apple [NASDAQ:AAPL] and Amazon [NASDAQ:AMZN].

As a result, we’re seeing other hidden opportunities emerging. Hidden opportunities that the mainstream media isn’t talking about…


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