When it comes to investing, the pro and con analysis becomes more like risk v. reward. Not today. But tomorrow.

Mondays, we have our office meeting at Wealth Morning. We go out for coffee and discuss the portfolio. Wholesale accounts we manage. And the investing strategy.

This Monday, John Ling asks, ‘How do you feel about gaming stocks?

I grew up gaming on old 386 PCs. My 12-year-old son spent last Saturday busking with his violin to raise money for a new console game. Out next week.

Could be recession-proof,’ says Alistair Bilkey.

‘We could do with some non-boomer stocks in our portfolio,’ John suggests.

Stocks for the millennial generation. As opposed to baby boomers. Though the boomers still seem to hold all the money.

We consider the industry. And we have uncovered three potential tech, growth businesses with valuations that are not wholly unreasonable…

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