Here at Wealth Morning, we are first investors and market analysts. We get paid via our subscription and fund-management services. So the information we provide has only one focus. To find the truth for our clients. To find financial opportunities beyond the radar.

So, I’ve developed a process to deal with the flood of media reports that hit my desk every day:

  • I prioritise news from our portfolio companies. These are where we see value and hold wealth. We want to know as much as possible how they’re going.
  • We then look at sector and industry news for our portfolio businesses. For example, residential and commercial property markets in Australia, where we have a couple of key picks.
  • There is then ‘market noise’. All the fear and greed stories that hit the market on a daily basis. For each of these stories, I run a simple test: What is the likely impact on our businesses? Sometimes the reality is not what you might think. Coronavirus is fuelling our gold-mining exposure. And revealing property-based opportunities not usually available.
  • Follow the money. News media may tell you the economy is under threat. Actually, recessions affect some areas much more than others. Watch the actual numbers that are coming through and make judgments from those rather than sensationalist fear. For example, the fact that US home purchases are back to January levels suggest there is future confidence.

This week, there’s been plenty of news from our portfolio companies. I wanted to take a moment to run through these and discuss the opportunities…


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