‘How can the markets be going up when the US is falling apart?’

‘Why are investors getting richer when America (and others) are veering toward a head-on collision with China?’

‘How could Trump have any chance of resuming office again when he’s clearly racist (and/or) fascist? And has a fake tan and bad hair?’

When investing in equities, you need to balance certain areas and think strategically.

The US is not falling apart. It is, for now, a free and open democracy where public confrontations will, from time to time, play out in aggressive ways. And the market is far more excited about businesses being able to open and resume their earnings.

Assess truth. Much of what you read or hear is a ‘version’ of the truth. Coloured by vested interests and political pursuits. Over time, you develop a pertinent ‘B.S. detector’. Your nitric acid gold test. But this does not mean you should close your mind. Or stop testing gold.

So let’s take a look at some of those questions. Before we review our market opportunity today…


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