You can add a good 5%-10% or more to your returns on global assets when you buy forex at the right time and cross. Let me explain.

The ASX is one of my main hunting grounds. For unrealised value assets. This means I need AUD.

Typically, I’m trading a lightly used currency pair: AUD.NZD. (Buying Australian dollars with New Zealand dollars). To purchase stocks on the ASX.

The reserve banks of both New Zealand and Australia now have official cash rates issued at 0.25%.

Unlike you or I, the Reserve Bank can create money electronically. And use that money to buy bonds, added to its balance sheet.

This represents an increase in the money supply. It works to keep interest rates low. But it also has a distinct danger.

Investors start to consider such ‘quantitatively eased’ currencies more risky. They may desire to either:

1) Sell down the currency into other less risky currencies.

2) Use that currency to buy up assets such as shares or property denominated in it…


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