Gordon Gekko’s ‘greed is good’ mantra is now coming back to the table.

There’s barely a day that goes by when I’m not speaking to someone who is now looking to buy discounted assets. Shares. In one case, direct property.

All this bargain-hunting is pushing the markets back up from their floor on March 23rd.

The societal concern is that, as with the GFC, the rich will get richer. All over again. But I’m talking to people taking this responsibility seriously. Supporting the less fortunate. Helping family members into housing.

My job here is to analyse and monitor the best opportunities we can see in the markets to grow your wealth.

Today, I’m following a more defensive line. And following the money.

In particular, I’m looking for healthy balance sheets to ride out this storm.

If I had to make an elevator pitch on the potential of today’s stock, it would go like this…


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