The Bull Becomes the Bear: Time to Buy?

During 2015-2018, I spent a good deal of time driving across Europe. It’s mostly safe. But you do hear of some horror stories.

The worst was a family from my neighbourhood.

They packed up the car. Drove on to the ferry. And headed to Spain during the long summer holiday.

On the outskirts of Barcelona, a BMW drove alongside them. They didn’t really notice.

A few moments later, a tyre burst. Dad pulled over. Rolled up his sleeves. Ready to change the flat.

That’s when the BMW pulled in front. Two ‘friendly’ Spaniards got out.

Need a hand, señor?

I think you know how this goes…


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    Simon is the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher at Wealth Morning. He has been investing in the markets since he was 17. He recently spent a couple of years working in the hedge-fund industry in Europe. Before this, he owned an award-winning professional-services business and online-learning company in Auckland for 20 years. He has completed the Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management from the Personal Finance Society (UK), has written a bestselling book, and manages global share portfolios. Simon is a shareholder of Wealth Morning.

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