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Chinese President Admits He’s Scared of a Black Swan Event

It might be years, maybe even decades, before we see another black swan. That’s what China’s hoping for at least…

America’s ‘Franz Ferdinand’ Moment

Whatever good was done by the Trump/Xi trade war truce in Buenos Aires was likely undone by what was done in Vancouver Airport earlier this month.

What Military Suicide Rates Tell You about the Trade War

General Zhang Yang found himself under anti-corruption investigation. One of the most powerful military generals in the country would end up taking his own life. Coincidence?

Part III: The Belt & Road Initiative

There isn’t an emperor in China any more…there’s President Xi Jinping. And he’s going to attempt to outdo what his ancestors achieved. A modern Silk Road.

Part II: Byzantines, Mongols and the Black Plague

After 1,400 years of prosperity, wars and conquest, the Silk Road met its demise. Rats and fleas.