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The Extinction of the Fiscal Conservative

The Democrats were early adopters of the ‘deficits don’t matter’ flapdoodle. Once in power, Republicans found it useful, too.

Tilling the Soil in the Garden of Catastrophe

Few notice that it is not an Eden that is being prepared…but a garden of catastrophe…

The Best Stock Investors: Dead People

Stocks are greatly overrated. You could have bought the whole Dow in 1928 for 10 ounces of gold. Then use those same 10 ounces to buy the Dow again in 2013.

Why Are Central Banks Now Buying Gold?

Central bankers usually add gold to their reserves to diversify, and to provide a hedge against inflation. According to Bloomberg, central banks now hold about a fifth of the gold ever mined.

A Memento Mori for the Bull Market

We take a trip through France, and we consider what history has to teach us about the fallacy of relying on the bull market to make you rich.

Insights From Our Conference

From cryptocurrencies to gold, there’s never been a better time to be an investor. But be warned: it’s a wild jungle of opportunity and risk out there.

How Executive Order 6102 Doomed America

It’s become fashionable to blame the Chinese for everything that’s wrong with America today. But the real threat actually started with our bad decisions.