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The Retiree Who Turned $8,150 Into $22 Million

Are you missing out by investing only in index funds? Here are three big reasons why you should consider direct share ownership.

Faster, Stronger, Richer — The Best Investments for 2019

The strategy I apply to the portfolios I manage starts from the top and works down. The country and its case. The industry and its outlook. The profitability of businesses in that sector.

The Art of Hedge Funds

There once was a time when working at a hedge fund was a sure-fire way to show that you had made it. But something happened to change all that.

The Best Way to Pick Stocks

Today, asset managers are changing how they look at stock. It’s not necessarily a method I agree with. Yet it seems it’s what the industry wants.

How Not to Invest

There’s a very powerful, yet simple idea Charlie Munger likes to practice: inversion. So maybe rather than asking, how should I invest? You should be asking, how should I not invest?