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Cute and Cuddly Capitalism: Does the Nordic Model Work?

Is government intervention good or bad? The Nordic nations appear to have taken a middle path. Here’s how their style of capitalism works.

Soviet Catastrophe Paints Grim Picture of America’s Future

There was a time, believe it or not, when economists wouldn’t presume to tell us what interest rates should be. They were ‘moral philosophers’ who merely observed and tried to understand.

Destination New Zealand: 1984

History repeats itself in New Zealand from looking back at 1984. And when you’re falling backwards into the mire, someone should call it out.

The Most Important Ratio in All of Investing

If Mr Trump is right, Americans no longer want free trade; they want protection from it. And if the Democrats are right, they want protection from free enterprise, too.

What History Teaches Us About Socialism

Both outright socialists and capitalist reformers have more or less the same goal — to bang, bend, and bamboozle the world into a shape that is more pleasing to them.

Capitalism Didn’t Fail America. We Failed Capitalism

Some say capitalism has failed America. More likely, America has failed capitalism. Capitalism needs capital. Real money, in other words. The feds gave it fake money.

AOC’s ‘Solutions’ Will Just Make Things Worse

In a free (capitalist) system, some people will always work harder, get luckier, invest their time and money more wisely, and get richer.

What the French Could Teach AOC…

Proponents typically look to Europe for guidance. They see Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and believe ‘soft socialism’ isn’t so bad.

How the Feds Socialised American Capitalism

Already, America’s medical system — 17% of the economy — is largely socialised. So is the education system — another 7.3%. And don’t forget Social Security.

Should We ‘Abolish Billionaires’?

Whenever you see the ‘we should do this’ or ‘we should do that’ in the public media, it is always followed by something that is idiotic or immoral.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Danger to The Nation

A big, new danger appeared in Congress this month: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newest representative of New York’s 14th district.

How Berlin Forgot the Crimes of the Soviets

During the height of the Cold War, Berlin was ground zero in the struggle against communism. Have we learned the hard lessons since then?

Starvation in Venezuela — How Bad Economics Collapsed a Country

If you haven’t noticed, Venezuela is in the middle of one of the most psychotic economic breakdowns in history. People are starving. There’s no power or fresh water. Inflation is nearing a million percent.

The S-Word: How Today’s Proletariat Could Find Justice

The modern villain isn’t the bayonet-clad commie; it’s the rich fat cat on Wall Street. It’s old money. It’s the one percent.