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Federal Reserve Rate Cuts, Stimulus Prepare Economy for Recession

We’re in a full-blown Inflate-or-Die economy, with a volatile stock market, low Treasury yields, and dropping transport numbers…

Fed to Try Curbing Coronavirus Effect on Economic Stability

Interest rates are at record lows. This means that central banks have very little ammunition to fight the economic damage done by the coronavirus.

Fake Money Prevents Investors From Making Real Gains

Fear is in the air. Stocks have plunged. The economic loss is huge. Here’s why gold could be the perfect solution for market jitters.

News of Coronavirus Spread Sends Stocks Plummeting

After a huge fall due to coronavirus fears, stocks have now regained some stability. But watch out. There’s more ominous news looming on the horizon.

Coronavirus Continues to Show Weaknesses in the Global Economy

Cracks in the global economy are deeper than any government will admit. The coronavirus is just making it even more obvious.

SoftBank’s Fall Foreshadows More Business Collapses to Come

The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank has run into serious turbulence. Here’s why this issue is just a prelude of something much worse.

The Feds Interfere in Markets and Multiply Corruption Opportunities

The amounts are staggering. But the process is old and familiar. As the feds interferes in markets, opportunities for corruption multiply.

The Fed Is Back to Robbing the Middle Class to Reward the Rich

The Fed is injecting money into the system as part of its ‘reserve management’ programme; it began this week with $7.5 billion.

The Rich Will Be Scapegoats for the Next Financial Crisis

In 2007, total US debt, public and private, was under $50 trillion. Today, it’s over $73 trillion.

China May Decide When the Next US Financial Crisis Comes

Donald Trump needs to claim victory in t the Chinese trade war. But the Chinese may have hold of him.

Why Saudi Arabia’s Oil Pain Could Yield An Opportunity

The price of Oil shot up nearly 15% this week. Further hikes were predicted as a result of the drone attacks on Saudi plants.

The US Economy Is Just Waiting to Crash

Today, we wonder when what went around to Zimbabwe and Venezuela will come around to the United States of America.

How to Invest When You’re Caught in the Crossfire

The ramping up of Trump’s trade war with China is leading to a ‘global slowdown’.

What to Expect as World Trade Slows and Bonds Signal Recession

Stocks are still near all-time highs. Unemployment is at record lows. The expansion, which began 10 years ago, is now the longest on record. A prudent investor should expect these conditions to change. World trade is slowing. Bonds are signalling

Trump Needs the Trade War to Maintain the Illusion of a Strong Economy

When we had kings and queens, a monarch justified his power by claiming a divine right given to him by God.