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Kill Your 30-Year Mortgage: Invest in This Instead

Auckland is New Zealand’s most cosmopolitan city. Everyone is competing for a slice of it. But is there an alternative to this mad race?

Property: Should I Pay Off My Mortgage or Pay Interest Only?

Right now, mortgage interest rates are at record lows. Should you take advantage of this unique situation? What’s the best way to do it?

This Property Investment Could Have Made You 50% Since COVID

We’re at a crossroads in New Zealand. We can start developing quality rental property with scale and management. Or things will get worse.

Buying Property in 2020: Should You Commit to Doing It?

Are you thinking of buying property during this COVID-19 recession? Here are the top 5 things you need to consider before you make this strategic move…

Trickle-Up Economics

Keynes’ prediction never came to pass. We still work 40 hours a week on average. And toil harder than ever before. Those gains in productivity are real. But where did they go?

Don’t Let Breaking News Break You

Markets can only collapse when everyone is fully invested and there’s only blue skies ahead.

It’s Doomsday for Real Estate

Jeff was a small business owner in New Hampshire. One Tuesday afternoon, his neighbour called… ‘You need to get home NOW! There’s a dumpster in your yard, a padlock on your door, and a bunch of guys are ransacking your