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On the House: Why the Kiwi Dream Has Failed

In New Zealand, we love the idea being courageous and innovative. But what if that’s no longer possible? What if we’re actually punching below our weight?

This Property Investment Could Have Made You 50% Since COVID

We’re at a crossroads in New Zealand. We can start developing quality rental property with scale and management. Or things will get worse.

Defying Corona: Why Australia Continues to Exceed Expectations

Australia is still the Lucky Country. Despite being hit by COVID-19, certain industries remain resilient. Here’s our exclusive analysis of the road ahead…

Low Interest Rates: Opportunity or Risk Bonfire?

Interest rates are hitting record lows. That means it’s never been cheaper to borrow. But beware: debt is a double-edged sword.

Going Viral: Who’s Winning and Who’s Losing in This Market

Billions have been wiped off the stock market as pandemic fears bite. But there’s a silver lining: you can now buy into quality companies at a discount.

Bridges Over Troubled Waters

Simon Bridges announced a raft of changes aiming to get New Zealand moving. And with super-low interest rates, maybe he’s ready to hit his sweet spot.

NZ Economy: The Big Picture

As investors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the issues and trends affecting our wealth. In the NZ economy there are Some good. Some bad.

Ireland’s and its‘Great Crumble’

Claptrap comes in many guises and disguises. Sometimes, it is based on inconsequential error. Sometimes, it is just bad judgment.

Real Estate Investment Trusts Special Structure

What does investment in real estate have to do with tax on cigars? Legislation creating a real estate investment vehicle was signed in the extension of excise tax on cigars.

Kiwi Homeowners: An Urgent Warning from the Bitcoin Bubble

With bitcoin, we believed it would go mainstream. An alternative to fiat currency that could hold its value like gold. This was an idealistic dream.

Is There a Better Way to Do Property?

Here in NZ, we lock people out of housing. We have the lowest rates of home ownership since just after the Second World War. And it’s starting to show.

Tricking Your Brain into Better Investing

People, regardless of language or background, tend to spend money in roughly the same way. And, when investing, there are common tendencies that affect every investor.

Would You Loan Your Child $50,000?

Many parents would do anything to give their children a roof over their heads. You could say it’s a parental reflex. And in today’s culture, it’s not unusual.

KiwiBuild: The Impossible Housing Solution

The much-anticipated KiwiBuild scheme has finally launched. Will this be the end-all cure to New Zealand’s housing crisis? I doubt it.

Don’t Let Breaking News Break You

Markets can only collapse when everyone is fully invested and there’s only blue skies ahead.